Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Transfer/Export Your Bookmarks, Notes and Highlights to New Device

This post will show you how to back up and restore your Quick Bible data (Bookmarks, Notes and Highlights) from one device to another. To back up, please follow these steps:
  1. Open Markers page.
  2. Press overflow menu on the top right corner, choose "Transfer", choose "Yes".
  3. Send the data to yourself using other applications (email/drive/dropbox, etc). The simplest way is using your email.
  4. You have already had backup data for your bookmarks and highlights.
Back Up Data — Click to Enlarge

To restore your markers data in different device:
  1. Open your stored data that you have sent in your email(you have to open your email through your new device). 
  2. Open your attachment (usually .xml file).
  3. Choose to complete action using Quick Bible app.
Restore Data — Click to Enlarge
Note: Transfer will allow you to back up and restore your Quick Bible data directly from your new device. On the other hand, Export will allow you to read and edit from desktop's text editor (e.g. Microsoft Word, Notepad or Pages)

Hope this information will help. Should you have any problems, please contact us.


  1. Hello Thank you for your great job throught android app. I would like to read the bible in french BDS version (la Bible du semeur). I have one on DAT files. How can I get it in PDB or YES files. convert ? Thank you for you answer. Thomas

    1. Hi Devogele,
      You can produce a YES file by following the below document. However, first you will have to get out the text from the DAT files (I have no idea what DAT files are).

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