Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Preview of version 2 - Managing Versions

The Bible for Android will have a significant changes with the release of version 2. One of the notable features is the ability to add in more versions, both provided by us (.yes files) or your existing .pdb files. You will be able to enable/disable displaying the versions from the list, because when you have a lot of versions, you wouldn't want to scroll just to select one version. So, this is the screen to manage the versions.

Oh yes, and this feature will make into the English version. (Currently the English version of the app doesn't support any multiple versions).

On the bottom, there will be "Open existing file" option that allows you to select a file (.yes or .pdb) and you will be able to read tens of versions, like ESV, ASV, FAYH, etc.

Whatever mentioned here is not guaranteed to be in the final version, but please give feedbacks if any, thanks!